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Course V.- Summer School on Catalyst Design and Industrial Catalytic Processes




. Gaining in-depth knowledge on the basis of heterogeneous catalysis: synthesis and
characterization. State of the art characterization techniques and synthetic routes
will be discussed.
. Give an overview of the current challenges and opportunities available for
heterogeneous catalysis in relevant industrial areas, such as the renewable energy
field, fine chemical, petrochemistry and environmental protection.


Preliminary PROGRAMME:

MONDAY  July 3rd, 2017

9:00 ‐ 9:30 Registration.

9:30 – 11:00 Introductory Talk: Social and Economic Impact of heterogeneous Catalysis (Dr. Juan J. Delgado, University of Cádiz).

11:00 – 11:30 Break

12:30 – 13:30 Industrial Research and Development: Creating Tomorrow’s Catalyst Solution (Dr. Gerhard Mestl, Clariant Produkte).

TUESDAY July 4th, 2017

9:00 – 15:00 Visit to Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery (CEPSA).

WEDNESDAY July 5th, 2017

9:00 – 11:00 Nobel synthetic routes for catalyst design (Dr. Paolo Fornasiero, University of Trieste).

11:00 – 11:30 Break

11:30 – 13:30 Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts (Dr. Miguel A. Cauqui, University of Cádiz).

THURSDAY July 6th, 2017

9:00 – 11:00 Quantitative electron microscopy for rationalizing the activity and stability of Nanocatalysts (Dr. Juan J. Delgado, University of Cádiz).

11:00 – 11:30 Break

11:30 – 13:30 Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy applications (Dr. Miguel A. Cauqui, University of Cádiz).

FRIDAY July 7th, 2017

9:00 – 11:30 Visit to Institute of Electronic Microscopy and Materials (IMEYMAT) and Central Science and Technology Services (SCCYT).

11:30 – 12:00 Break

12:00 – 13:30 Contribution of heterogeneous catalysis to the environmental protection (Dr. José M. Rodríguez-Izquierdo, University of Cádiz).

13:30 Group Picture.

Lugar de celebración: Cadiz, Spain

Duración: 20 Horas

Fecha de Inicio de la Actividad: 03/07/2017

Fecha de finalización de la Actividad: 07/07/2017


Programa al que pertenece: IV UCA International Summer School

Fecha de Inicio del Plazo de Inscripción para la Actividad: 03/04/2017

Fecha de finalización del Plazo de Inscripción para la Actividad: 22/06/2017

Precio de la actividad:
- Course V fee: 200 € (Necesita acreditar:)

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Nº de Coordinadores: 1

Nombre del Coordinador: Juan José Delgado Jaén

Universidad: University of Cadiz

Departamento: Department of Inorganic Chemistry